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Owner's Mail

When potential buyers wish to contact you, they complete an enquiry form on our site, the content of the form (their query) is then forwarded to you. These notes are our advice on establishing a safe dialogue.

Check that the e-mail has come from our web site

sample owner email

Sample email

Someone could be emailing you (and millions of others) directly, trying to pretend they are us but really phishing for information about you. Always take time to check the following points:

Check that the enquirer looks legitimate

We extract key information from the enquirer's device to further identify him/her. Check this information for consistency with your expectations. The information included in the email is as follows:


The language selected on the enquirer's web browser.


The date and time the enquiry was submitted. Following the date and time are the UTC (GMT) time zone offset and the locations primarily associated with that time zone e.g. GMT+0200 (W. Europe Standard Time). This is your first simple check for the enquirer's location. It is simple and very good for isolating East-West differences e.g. European based enquiries from Asian or American but is not so good with North-South.

IP addr and IPname

If the "IPname" is available it will give you the domain of the enquirer's ISP (his/her Internet Service Provider). The last characters will usually be the country identifier e.g. .fr .nl .uk etc.

You can find a list of country identifiers here (opens in a new window/tab).

If the IPname is not available then you can Google the IP address along with keywords such as 'whois' to get further information.

Note that a device can appear to come from a specic domain or IP address when in fact it is only connected via a relay server i.e. the ip address and host name are that of a server simply forwarding requests from other devices.

These forwarding servers were initially established to allow internet users in oppressed countries to anonymously disclose information about their own country, however, they are now also used by hackers wishing to hide their true identity.


This is either the google calculated location or the approximate latitude and longtitude of the enquirer. Location information is only available if both the enquirer's device supports this and the enquirer has permitted disclosure of his/her location. Note that location information can be out by quite large distances, especially in rural locations.

You can cut-and-paste latitude and longtitude or location information into google maps to get a rough idea where your enquirer is located.

Answering Enquiries

Often the enquiry itself will provide an indication as to the type of potential purchaser you are in contact with. When answering take the following points into consideration.